Medical and Laboratory Equipment

NKY provides medical and laboratory equipment procurement for hospitals, clinics, medical centres,  universities and educational institutions internationally. Their dedicated team of experts assess each  project to optimise the requirements ensuring; cost, reliability, simplicity and timescales are factored  into the plans as well as reviewing the latest cutting edge technology.

Through the healthcare projects NKY has accomplished, they have built up solid relationships with a  large range of industry partners. This means they work with some of the most well known brands in  the industry, reassuring their clients that NKY are working with the highest quality and the most reliable medical equipment from around the world.

Depending on client needs, NKY can work with all of the major international brands.  Medical Equipment Services:

– OEM Medical and Laboratory equipment studies and establishing project needs
– Healthcare and Laboratory equipment and system solutions planning
– Full procurement service: logistics, installation, commissioning and training
– Access to international manufacturers and distributors for all OEM equipment
– Medical and Laboratory equipment programs and IT solution