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Exhibitions and Awards

ENR Global Best Projects 2019 Awards, Global Best Project in Healthcare: Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, New York (USA)

4th International Sustainable Buildings Symposium (ISBS 2019) Sustainability Award, Best Sustainable Healthcare Building: Kartal Dr. Lutfi Kirdar Training & Research Hospital, 2019, Dallas (USA)

1.000-Person Mosque Competition (Ministry of Environment and Urbanization), Short List, 2019

Korean War Memorial Design Competition, Short List, 2019

Suleymanpasa Municipality Administration Building Design Competition, List, January 2018

“Our Neighborhood” Design Competition (Ilbank), Jury Special Award, 2017

7 Climates 7 Regional Neighborhoods Urban Design Competition, Short List, 2017

Ahlat Youth Camp Design Competition, Honorable Mention, 2017

Bornova EVKA-3 Social Center and Transfer Station Design Competition, Short List, 2017

Izmir Transportation Integration Center and Surroundings Design Competition, Short List, 2017

Partnership Awards, Silver Award Winner – Best Healthcare Project: Bilkent Integrated Health Campus, 2016, London (UK)

European Property Awards, Highly Commended Public Architecture: Konya Necmettin Erbakan University Campus, 2016, London (UK)

National Architecture Awards, Runner-Up: Kastamonu Educational Campus Project, 2013

National Architecture Awards, Honorable Mention: Malatya Firinci Campus Project, 2013

Istanbul: History, Culture, Architecture Strata International Exhibition, Cemil Usta Restaurant, 2010

Istanbul: History, Culture, Architecture Strata International Exhibition, On Foods Building, 2010

National Architecture Awards & Exhibition, Restaurant in Trabzon (Shopping/Office)

National Architecture Awards & Exhibition, Cemil Usta Restaurant and Trabzon World Trade Center projects

National Architecture Awards & Exhibition, Trabzon Sport Infrastructure Facilities and Viya House projects

National Architecture Awards & Exhibition, Ipekyolu Business Center project

Turkish Chamber of Architects, 16th National Architecture Exhibition, 2018

Turkish Chamber of Architects, 15th National Architecture Exhibition, 2016

Turkish Chamber of Architects, 14th National Architecture Exhibition, 2014

Turkish Chamber of Architects, 10th National Architecture Exhibition, 2006

Turkish Chamber of Architects, 9th National Architecture Exhibition, 2004

Turkish Chamber of Architects, 8th National Architecture Exhibition, 2002

Turkish Chamber of Architects, 7th National Architecture Exhibition, 2000


Conferences and Interviews 

Interview for Construction World Magazine, Istanbul Ikitelli Health Campus Project, 2019

Turkish-Romanian Business Forum, Speaker: Turkish Experience in PPP Healthcare, 2019

Interview for Turkish Exporter’s Assembly (TIM) Report, 2018

Design of Healthcare Buildings, Speaker, Ataturk University, 2017

Workshop on PPP City Hospitals: Management, Operation and Acceptance Procedures of City Hospitals, Speaker, 2017

Conference Regarding the Position of University Graduates in Entrepreneurship, Speaker, Yıldırım Beyazit University, 2016

Interview with Design Students, Black Sea Technical University, 2016

Design of Healthcare Buildings, Speaker, TOBB University, 2016

4th Annual Investing in Turkey Forum, Speaker, London (UK), 2016

2nd Annual Turkey Hospital Expansion Summit, Speaker, 2015

PPP in the Healthcare Sector: A New Vision and City Hospitals Congress, Speaker, 2013

Clinical Real Estate in the Next Generation, Speaker, Frankfurt (Germany), 2012

Seminar on Design of Healthcare Buildings, Speaker, Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU), 2011

New Planning Trends in Hospitals, Speaker: Emergency Departments, Operating Rooms and ICU’s, 2008

New Horizons in Architectural Design, Speaker, 2006

Material Use in Open Air Areas, Trabzon Chamber of Architects, 2004