Healthcare Specialists

NKY Architects & Engineers grew along 40 years of professional and academic architectural experience process. Initially they took part in the PPP Health Campus Program starting from 2007. They were assigned to prepare the functional programs for each specialty hospitals within PPP Health Campuses –like General, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Women’s, Children’s, Oncology, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation and Psychiatry. Later on they attended healthcare design standard workshops and participated in the update of the standards. NKY is among the Authors of the Ministry of Health Minimum Design Requirements Guideline for Healthcare Buildings 2010 book, which still defines the standards in ongoing design works. NKY prepared the typical main concept schemes and design drawings for specialty hospitals in PPP Integrated Health Campuses. After that, they delivered concept designs and construction documents for specialty hospitals and integrated health campuses that are around 5.000 beds and over 2 million square-meters. By analyzing every aspect of experience from design and practice, they have transformed this experience into medical planning, architectural design and application. Through channeling this know-how towards monitoring-supervision and consultancy areas, NKY gives Project Management services to public and private clients, along with design services to investors and contractors. The healthcare facilities either designed or managed by NKY are among the most state-of-the-art, most innovative and most extensive projects in Europe and the World.