Hospital Design

The NKY team consists of experienced healthcare sector architects and design engineers, plus a  whole team of field specialists in the design of hospitals. The team enjoys pioneering new  innovative solutions which are industry leading and their portfolio demonstrates the scale of international medical projects accomplished.

NKY recognise that functionality in a medical environment is critical and that health and safety of  patients is the number one priority. They also believe that the quality of social space has a direct  impact on the quality of lives people lead, so they strive to go above and beyond by designing  environments which have a positive impact on a patient’s treatment and recovery.

Their designs are concentrated around patient-centred care, ensuring the best possible project  solution to maximise the needs and values of the patients, whilst at the same time ensuring the  highest performance standards for the client or institution.

Hospital Design Specialisms:

– Healthcare Campus Architecture
– Infection Control
– Accessibility Design
– Lighting Design
– Security Consultancy
– Medical Engineering
– Building Information Modelling
– Acoustic and Vibration Engineering
– End of Life Care
– Fire Engineering
– Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
– Hospital Interior Design