Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital
İstanbul, TR
Ege University Hospital
İzmir, TR
İstanbul's 1st Seismic Isolated Hospital,1st LEED Certified Public Hospital,Sustainability Award
İstanbul, TR
ENR 2019 Best Global Prj., Partnerships Awards 2016-Silver Award Winner Best Healthcare Prj.
Ankara, TR
2010 European Capital of Culture İstanbul, International Exhibition-Selected Work
Trabzon, TR
Bringing a New Breath of Fresh Air to Hospital Design
Gaziantep, TR
A “Social” Hospital
Kostanay, KZ
Successful Design and Successful Generations
Nur-Sultan, KZ
First Steps of Healthcare Design Revolution
Kayseri, TR
Healing Power of Nature
Balıkesir, TR
An ''Improvable'' and ''Extendable'' Design
Konya, TR
Creating Accessibility in Sloping Land
İstanbul, TR
The Meaning of Accessible
Giresun, TR