”The North” Medical Clinic Eye Center


Architectural Project Proposal


İstanbul History, Culture, Architecture Strata International Exhibition 2010-Selected Work

NKY has recently completed a comprehensive refurbishment for ”The North” Medical Clinic Eye Center building located in Kabakmeydani, Trabzon. The Project, which is situated in one of the most important intersection points in Trabzon, aims at completely transforming and revitalizing the existing structure in order to create a new symbolic cornerstone that reflects the prestige and importance of the building. The design approach is paramount and is an integral part of the long-term architectural vision of the city and its development. The building was among the 36 projects that were invited for the international exhibition in the 2010 European Capital of Culture İstanbul events (“Istanbul: History, Culture, Architecture Strata” International Exhibition 2010 – Platform for Architecture). The design philosophy was reflecting the perspectives of NKY that were first expressed in the 2006 Masters Meetings Black Sea Technical University Talks: NKY New Horizons in Architectural Design and Sahmeran presentation. Lying at the intersection of the city’s east-west axis, the Trabzonspor Road and the junction for a future park and recreational area, the People’s Park; the building looks towards a very dynamic place that is one of the town’s most important public points. The existing structure which was completed in 2006, is now being rented by a group of ophthalmologists to be used as an eye clinic. After being commissioned, NKY has prepared the refurbishments and interior designs in compliance with fire codes, medical standards and the functional brief. The sub-ground level of the building contains two operating theatres and relevant surgical support functions; whereas the ground floor accommodates entrance, reception and waiting areas. The first floor is dedicated to outpatient clinics and the second floor is dedicated to diagnostic & treatment areas. The third level is designated as a reserve area for future expansion and level four accommodates six observation rooms. The roof café allows the visitors to meet with the illustrious and vivid sea view of the city. The four-storey building is characterized by its distinctive fluid and transformative façade that gives it a strong visual identity. The building responds to energy efficiency by minimizing energy and material consumption. The main entrance hall on the ground floor allows the design aesthetic of the building to flow into the interiors and furnishings. Moreover, it transforms the pedestrian experience of continuity and permeability into a three-dimensional experience. The daylight flows over the surface of the building, allowing subtle tones of light and shade to be felt, hence creating a welcoming experience. “Situated at one of the most important intersections in Trabzon, the refurbished building creates an urban symbol and establishes a strong vision, stripping it back to its essence and sets sail for new horizons.