Faculty of Medicine, Necmettin Erbakan University


Konya , TURKEY


97.200 m²






NEU Directorate of Construction and Technical Works


Concept and Aplication Project

Hospital is planned on a 48.000m2 area allocated for university campus. Although project is planned for 400 beds initially, it is expected to expand up to 600 beds in future. Requirement program of hospital is prepared by faculty members and experienced hospital design team of NKY in accordance with current needs and future vision of university as a result of a common study. The program includes neurosurgery, transplantation, thoracic surgery, algology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, urology, gastrology, dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and ENT branches besides internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, KVC and neurology branches. When the hospital starts to give service, it gives medical school students and physicians chance to study in their research areas and to get education besides giving diagnostic and treatment services for patients. In this respect, design includes research and study areas and laboratories for faculty members as well as diagnostic and treatment areas. Requirement program of hospital includes 400 patient beds, 25 operating theaters, 4 day surgery theaters, 4 angiography and related pre and post operation areas, 70 beds intensive care unit, 61 beds emergency service department, 28 beds dialysis unit, radiology, laboratory and required support areas. In architectural project design, medical areas are located on the site according to their functions by using sloped topography. Design is expandable as well as it has a modular and flexible plan. Patient rooms and policlinics are directed to east in order to benefit from day light and scene as much as possible. Operating theaters and laboratories are located at north side. Solar batteries are used on roofs to benefit from sustainable energy. Outer shell that constitutes the building has architectural details to minimize energy consumption.