Interior Design

Interior design plays a major part of any construction project, many factors need to be considered to maximise functionality and the aesthetics of a space. NKY’s approach is imaginative and creative; striving to develop visionary concepts that revolutionise interior design solutions.

NKY’s in-house interior design team develop innovative, bespoke concepts for any project scenario. The team recognise that the quality of social space has a direct impact on the quality of lives people lead, so they endeavor to go above and beyond; designing environments which have a positive social impact.

NKY’s international experience of interior design includes TAC Overseas Stores where the design was focused on being clean, soft, smooth and very light to enhance the customers retail experience. Working alongside dedicated project managers the whole NKY team ensured the project was delivered on time and within budget.

The specialist team also have extensive experience within hospital design; concentrating all interiors around patient-centred care, quality finishing materials and efficient accessories. This ensures the best possible project solution to maximise the needs and values of the patients, whilst at the same time ensuring the highest performance standards for the client.

NKY’s hospital interior design experience includes Mersin Integrated Health Campus  in Turkey which consists of 1,250 beds and covers 370,000m². The interior design of this project focused on user efficiency and satisfaction; prioritising the comfort of patients and the ease of usability for medical staff during care. Throughout the design process careful consideration was given to balance investment costs and material quality to meet the needs of the client.