Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Health and safety is taken very seriously at NKY. The company makes a commitment to the safety of all employees, across all facilities and to all those who live in the communities where they operate. NKY conduct business with care for the environment and strive for world class operating excellence.

This level of quality is achieved by integrating Health, Occupational Safety, Security and Environmental principles throughout the business and through commitment to continuous improvement.

HSSE Framework:

– Comply with all applicable laws and regulations

– Systematic risk identification and mitigation procedures to accomplish projects incident free

– Ensure a safe, healthy and secure work place

– Provide employees and contractors with the knowledge and capability to achieve HSSE excellence, including empowering them to stop unsafe work

– Set operational and compliance objectives to be accountable to performance standards

– Communicate core principles and results to employees, contractors, regulators, communities and other stakeholders

– Utilising resources efficiently to minimise the environmental impact

This framework is pivotal to the success of the NKY business and to be recognised internationally for HSSE brilliance through active leadership and employee accountability.