NKY team receives 4th Honorable Mention in Ahlat Youth Camp Design Competition.

The national architectural design competition by Bitlis Governorship Provincial Administration to select a new youth camp design in Ahlat province is completed.

The design submitted by the NKY team is recognized with 4th Honorable Mention.

Congratulations to our team for this success.

4th Honorable Mention (Nr. 15 Project ID: 17265)


Necdet Kırhan Yazıcı, Eng. Architect
Osman Güneş Erden, Architect
Ezel Yağmur Çebi Okumuş, Architect & Landscape Architect
Kübra Ak, Architect
Ömer Ak, Architect
Paşa Kaya, Architect
Mehmet Üstündağ, Draftsmen
Ahmet İlyas Sözeri, Architect
Hakan Boz, Civil Engineer
Yüksel Can, Civil Engineer
Oğuzhan Vural, Visualization Expert

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NKY’s Design Competition for Izmir Evka 3 Transfer Station

NKY’s Design Competition for Izmir Evka 3 Transfer Station

NKY’s design proposal in the recent competition for Izmir Evka 3 Social and Transfer Station located in Bronova, Turkey was a great success. The architectural design project advanced through to the 5th round amongst over 100 proposals; ending up in the top 14 designs.

Thanks to the whole NKY team who pushed for the prize with great innovation and a quality presentation!

Please view the presentation here: Izmir Evka 3 Transfer Station

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