Program Management

NKY can manage multiple related projects in such a way that it benefits the strategic goals of clients and stakeholders.

Experienced program managers apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to identify tactical options. These options are developed into complex programs to plan and manage integrated projects. This includes implementing teams and identifying; efficiency solutions, cost savings, risks and opportunities.

The scale and complexity of program management means that resource has to be allocated to ensure any conflicts affecting multiple projects are resolved. This includes ensuring that all organisational direction affecting program goals are aligned and that change management is efficient within a shared governance structure.

The execution is done with pace and to the highest standards; the specialist team provide expert leadership from day one of the program. The same level of quality and detail is applied throughout the duration of the project until successful close; demonstrating transparency and value to all stakeholders.

NKY’s international experience of program management includes KAP2 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which consists of 8 individual contracts and covers 44 project sites with a total closed area of 2,500,000m². The team are managing the whole program including completing all infrastructure works and the project covers multiple sectors including; healthcare, educational, residential, sports and military.