NKY Gold Sponsor at the 2nd PPP Healthcare Summit in Istanbul


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NKY was a gold sponsor at the 2nd PPP Healthcare summit in Istanbul, Turkey on April the 26th and 27th 2016. Güneş Erden, Architect with NKY gave a talk about PPP and the difference in hospital design to share learnings and experience with the conference delegates. Güneş presented PPP sketches, concept developments and referenced a number of examples from NKY’s portfolio, in particular; Bilkent Integrated Health Campus, the largest hospital project in the world of 1.129.289m². The conference was a great opportunity to network with industry professionals and to share experiences over the two days.

For the conference brochure please click here: 2nd Annual PPP Healthcare Summit

For NKY’s Güneş Erden’s presentation on PPP please click here: NKY PPP Presentation