Arab News Article: ‘NKY is keen to share engineering knowhow with Saudi professionals’

(Pictured; NKY Tolga Sahin Overseas Director & Yavuz Gokhan Project Director)  Please read below for the full article or click here: Arab News Website

NKY, one of the major engineering consultancy and design companies in Turkey, is working in the Kingdom as a client representative for the Ministry of Interior (MoI) projects, offering best quality of consultancy services.

“NKY offers its consultancy services in a wide range of engineering disciplines, extending from portfolio initiation to project management. Health care and educational facilities, military training complexes, institutional office buildings, residential complexes and hotels are other key areas of our continuous design output over the last 40 years of our project portfolio,” Tolga Sahin, overseas director of NKY, told Arab News in an interview.

“NKY established its branch at Riyadh in 2013 as client representative for the MoI projects and offer best consultancy services here,” he added.
Replying to questions on business, major projects currently being executed, and plans for handling the key project, Sahin said NKY’s initial activities were merely limited with the local clients’ commissioning for the small scale architectural designs of residential and commercial buildings in Turkey.

Later, governmental projects such as football stadiums and hospitals boosted NKY’s activities to include consultancy services.
NKY has been chosen by the Turkish Ministry of Health as an advisory body for public-private partnership (PPP) projects while developing the portfolio initiation phase and helping in renewing 15,000 bed capacity in hospitals as designer, project management team and as adviser to the ministry.

Notably, NKY takes pride in designing Bilkent health care campus, claimed to be the world’s largest hospital in Ankara.
Asked how NKY differentiates from major players in a competitive market like Saudi Arabia, he said: “NKY, is very well aware of the global completion in the Gulf market, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Our policy is to establish a strong team spirit in all projects and transparency in communication.”

He added that problem-solving processes are achieved through work to be shared by all NKY teams that make them feel indispensable, which “reflects our strength to the outside world.”

According to Sahin, the strength of an organization indicates how competitive it is. “Our success contributes to achieving a team spirit in a multinational organizations in the Kingdom,” he noted.

In NKY, he said, currently it has 250 Saudi employees out of a total of 750..

“Our organization welcomes all Saudis to become part of a challenged engineering consultancy team,” he said. “We are planning to double the number in the coming years.”

Commenting on training opportunities NKY is offering, especially to Saudis, he said in-house training is an ongoing process in NKY tradition in the form of apprentice-master relationship. “However, we have regular weekly professional training sessions in each engineering section,” he added.

Joining him in the interview, Yavuz Gokhan, NKY project director, commenting on the key markets for the company’s growth, said: “2016 will be another milestone in our achievements with the opening of our Dubai branch shortly, thus expanding our presence in the UAE.”
With such diverse portfolio of projects, NKY achieved global connections with Italian, Japanese and the US companies in various levels of collaborations and joint ventures.

NKY aims to employ the best professionals and experts for continuous improvement by focusing on details and most importantly targeting the client’s complete satisfaction.

On the future of NKY in the Kingdom, he said: “Our aim is to become one of the leading consultancy companies in Saudi Arabia and we are planning to transfer global engineering know-how to the Kingdom with the help of Saudi engineers.”