EVKA-3 Community Center And Rebroadcasting Station


Bornova / İZMİR , TURKEY




18.570 m²


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality


Concept Design


Shortlisted in Competition Project

The decision of the 1/2000 upper scale concept has been considered within the scope of the project area to ensure the integration of the project not only with the vicinity but also with the whole region. For this reason, ensuring the integration of the project area with all the regions that are accessible through the pedestrian and bicycle pathway by fluid and sustainable network is a design strategy. The mass and spatial organization of the upper scale decisions at the center of the project area is at the base of the 1/500 design strategy. The proposed model creates a new starting point as a public space for the city and the region by reinterpreting in a similar manner to passing through open-semi-open-closed spaces in urban-public living spaces of Izmir. It is the main purpose of this project to create urban niches that will accommodate private living spaces in urban public life through Agora and to establish a center for all transportation network by determining Agora as the spatial starting point. When the existing subway station, bus transfer station, bazaar and cultural center which constitute the program are designed in this concept, it has a scenario of spatial organization that can live in the project area 24 hours a day.