An Innovative Elementary School Design


Trabzon , TURKEY


5.051 m²










Concept and Aplication Project, Construction

The design is planned within an urban fabric surrounded by residential blocks in Yeni Mahalle district of Trabzon. The site is adjacent to a main road with high density traffic on the south, and a secondary road that leads to the coast on the east. The narrow edge of the plot faces the north-south axis whereas the topography of the site can be considered relevantly flat. The school is anticipated to accommodate 24 classrooms. The Design Brief also lists other relevant social and cultural areas. The design is situated as a three-level building with its U-shaped open end facing east, once the setback distances are offset inside the already tight land area. The modular façade is made up of the repetition of solid and void structural elements that are horizontal along the south and vertical along the west edge. These elements that act as sunshades allows natural climatic control of the building. Classrooms are oriented towards the west and south; whereas workshops line along the north edge and the social areas line along the east. The technical approach of the design incorporates the architectural setup to be a part of the curriculum of the school. Fun and multi-purpose interior and exterior spaces that motivate learning and social bonding, encourage sharing of ideas and allow pupils to exercise constitute the fundamental strategy of the design. The design allows children to quickly and quietly re-arrange desks and chairs as they see fit and choose to sit or stand. The passageway in front of the classrooms is also a medium of social communication. These areas are connected to each other vertically with three staircases and the accessible lift. The social areas connect visually to the garden through the glass and semi-permeable mesh façade and bring a depth to the pupil’s visual perspective. The U-plan type of the building forms the school courtyard. This open space becomes the environment for all sport events, games and other recreational activities. The garden below the ground floor on the north side is associated with the multi-purpose hall in the basement level and also connected to the upper garden with a staircase. The foyer and the connection corridor is dedicated for exhibitions and other social event. The roof terrace, together with the structure that connects the stairwells on the corners of the building, is a partially shaded natural and artificial grass covered area that allows children to do some of their classes or spend some of their game time outdoors. The covering structure has solar panels. The design perspective is simple yet assertive; which is aesthetic, appealing and an urban landmark.