Youth Camp


Honorable Mention


Architectural Design


Honorable Mention Award

The design is positioned near the Lake Van, at a spot where a highway passes between the lake and the project site. The project is envisioned as a facility where young people will come together and attend cultural, sports and social activities. The main idea of the design is inspired from the ‘camp fire’ where the proposed activities are naturally oriented around the center. Consequently, the design proposes a circular layout in the northwestern corner of the site, utilizing the differences in the topography. The softened connection of this absolute form starting from this topography and continuing until the shores of Lake Van through a void in the eastern part of the land is thought to be coherent and efficient. The central courtyard which manifests itself as the driving idea behind the design adds value to the projects with its scale and its emphasized atmosphere. The possibility of having diverging views to all sides with the basic geometry of the proposal and the soft, horizontal effect of it to the overall silhouette are deemed positive.