NKY is a project design and management company, specialized with 360-degree professional services required to complete a project from start to finish. NKY designs large-scale projects for the construction industry, offers engineering solutions, consultancy and project management services. NKY continues to develop a quality expertise worldwide using its specialized experience, vision and innovation.

NKY was established in 1980 as a design office in Trabzon. In 1991, the company was established. Through growth, head office is moved to Turkey’s capital, Ankara in 2007. Following consistent delivery of quality developments, NKY soon expanded internationally opening its second branch office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Most recently the company has established its third branch in Dubai, U.A.E. NKY has successfully worked on a number of joint venture projects with companies from Japan, Italy and the USA and continues its international collaborations. NKY is now employing over 1000 people worldwide.

NKY designed and applied significant projects in healthcare from small facilities such as Trabzon Akcaabat Hospital, to the largest hospital project in the world such as Bilkent Integrated Health Campus. NKY has special expertise and experience in designing healthcare facilities. NKY has become an industry expert in healthcare including the Public Private Sector Partnership through these comprehensive projects. NKY provides a turn-key solution, completing all aspects of new health campus projects, if necessary.

NKY has experience in education, hotel, sports, military, commercial and residential architecture and engineering projects as well.  Some of its works have national and international awards. NKY participates exhibitions and competitions with its works. He has given speech many times at academic and professional sector conferences. His works are published in important architectural sites and are made news. With a diverse portfolio of projects globally and with over 35 years’ experience, the values of the company have never changed. NKY believes in employing the best people, paying close attention to details and, most importantly, putting the client’s needs at the heart of the business.